Personal Portfolio Video

Each student in Video class is responsible for creating their own Personal Portfolio Video (1- to 2-minute). You will need to get classmates to help you. In return you should help those classmates to make their videos.

Introduce Yourself: Tell your name, say that you’re a student at Galileo. (But don’t give your age or grade — you may want to use this video next year)

What Are Your Interests & Passions? Do you love playing baseball? Reading science fiction? Practicing Martial Arts? Singing? (Don’t just say you like to play video games)

What Did You Learn from Being in the Media Arts Pathway? Don’t just talk about Adobe Premiere. That may not be relevant to the college or internship you’re applying to. Talk about working with teams, meeting deadlines, taking leadership, and (most important) communication.

Talk About Something Special You Do/Have Done: Do you volunteer at a senior center? Did you go on a wilderness adventure last summer? Do you help translate for parents/grandparents who don’t speak English?

What Are Your Goals for the Future? Are you interested in working with Media and Communication? Do you want to travel in the future? Do you want a job that will always give you new challenges?

Make sure you have B-roll/Visuals to supplement what you’re saying!

Try to do something interesting with the titles.

When you take Interview Footage make sure to get room tone.