Neighborhood Websites

DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 23: Photoshop JPG of website template, 1000px X 600px

DUE MONDAY, JANURY 26: First Article for Website, first draft

You will work on teams to create websites about your neighborhoods.

The target audience is teenagers — maybe these teenagers are visiting your part of the city or maybe they’ve just moved to your neighborhood. They want to know where to go and what to do. That could mean: a playground where they can get a pickup game of basketball; a hilltop that has great views; a neighborhood diner where they can get a low-cost breakfast sandwich; a street that has a lot of shops or beautifully-painted houses.

You’re not writing this for tourists. You’re not writing this for rich people who have a lot of money to spend. A little bit of historical research might be interesting, but the focus is on INFORMATION and OPINIONS! If it’s a place to eat: How expensive is it, what’s good on the menu, what hours is it open, what Muni line could you take to get there, what’s special about this place?

Each student will write about two neighborhood places: a main article 200 words long, plus a sidebar for the article. (English Learner students will write one article instead of two.) Each team will be responsible for getting their own photos for all articles.

Each person on the team will have a job. There can be more than one person in a job. The jobs you need to fill are:

  • PROJECT MANAGER: Keep track of what is complete and what still needs to be completed
  • LEAD CODER: Responsible for HTML and CSS coding
  • LEAD DESIGNER: Responsible for implementing design
  • LEAD EDITOR: Responsible for reading and proofreading teammates’ writing

On Wednesday, each team will submit a list of the articles — which student is writing about which place?

On Friday, each individual student will submit a design for their website. What will the logo look like? Where will the words go? How large will the pictures be? Remember to design it so your site can easily be constructed using CSS-P.