Job Application Workshop

Ms. Yalon from Career-Tech Ed office is coming to class on Monday to guide you in how to fill out a job application.

You need to prepare over the weekend and

  • Bring a print out of your Resume! Print it on Friday if you need to. (We can’t waste class time on Monday having you all log in to print out your resumes.)
  • Bring Identification: Xeroxes of your social security card or birth certificate, driver’s license of California ID. Also a copy of your most recent (end of last semester) report card. You will need these points of identification for any internship or job.
  • Blue or black pen and a pencil for filling out the application.
  • Also have information about your references and their contact information. You cannot use parents or relatives for references. You can ask teachers or coaches (if they know you are responsible and hard working).

Write the following in a thoughtful manner:

  • How has your high school experience prepared you for an internship? How will an internship support/help your learning? (300-500 words)
  • List the skills you think make you a great candidate for a summer internship. (Computer skills, interpersonal skills, foreign language)

MS. YALON’S VISIT IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! If you’re not prepared for this opportunity, that says a lot about whether you are prepared for an internship or a job.