Branding & Entomophagy

This assignment will involve 3 important steps:

  1. Create a Product and a Brand Name
  2. Design 3 different choices for a Logo for your product
  3. Using one Logo design three different Ads for your product (that go together in an Ad Campaign)

Research/Market Research

Look over these articles for ideas. You don’t have to read all five. But look through enough so you get some ideas of what sort of food product you can create and market.
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What Makes a Good Logo?
(Due Block Day, 3 different Logos, saved as JPGs, 400px x 400px, folder called 2lastnamelogos)
  • The Logo should represent your product in a visual way
  • The Logo must be appealing to your target audience (consumers/buyers)
  • Letters & Words should not be random! Make the Lettering into a Design!
  • Combine Letters or Combine Words to Create a Visually Appealing Design!
  • Make sure it works at a large size (for a sign), at a medium size (on a package), and in a small size (in an ad)
  • Make sure the Lettering (Name) stands out and is easy to see from a distance
  • Don’t include Photographs, only Shapes
  • Don’t leave a lot of empty space between words/lines

Due end of class Block Day (see above for details)