Artist Exhibit/Retrospective

Retrospective means “looking backwards,” or looking toward the past. When an Artist or a Filmmaker has a Retrospective show it is a chance to see the work they’ve done over a lifetime (or over a long period of time).

You are now considered an expert on (YOUR SELECTED ARTIST). The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco has decided to put together a big exhibition, a Retrospective of your artist’s work.

They have hired you to design a poster for the Retrospective.


  • Each Poster will be 400 pixels wide by 600 pixels height, 72 pixels per inch. Save as a JPG when you are completed.
  • Place them in a folder called 2lastnameartexhibit.
  • Each Poster must include:
    • the Artist’s Name
    • Name of the Exhibit (choose a name appropriate for the artist’s work)
    • Information: DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA,  June 1-August 31, 2015
  • Make each of the 3 posters DIFFERENT. Different typefaces, different designs, different artwork displayed. You are making these designs to give your client different choices.


  • Use one of your Posters as inspiration. You will create three designs for the T-shirts that will be sold at your museum show.
  • These 3 T-shirt designs should work together — same Typefaces, same filters, similar designs. These are THE OFFICIAL SHIRTS of this particular museum show.
  • Each T-shirt design will be 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Save each one as a JPG.
  • Make sure they are interesting, attractive, something people will want… Would people pay $36 for this T-shirt?