I feel connected to Galileo because of…

Work with the same team. Produce a video due by Thursday, October 1st, on the topic “I FEEL CONNECTED TO GALILEO BECAUSE OF…”

For some students, being part of JROTC makes them connected. For other students playing on the Soccer team or Wrestling team could be the connection. For some students it’s just eating lunch in a certain hallway with a certain group of friends.

This is going to be a personal video about one student’s experiences at Galileo. The easiest format would be to have a student speak a narration and then use it as a voice over: (“I feel connected to Galileo because of playing in the orchestra. When I first joined the orchestra, etc, etc….) Then get footage to illustrate what that student is speaking about.

The finished video should be approx. 1 minute to 1-1/2 minutes.