Animating Words

This week you’ll create two new Flash animations. Both will involve animating Words & Letters.


  • Set to 12FPS (frames per second)
  • Put each letter of your first name on a separate layer.
  • Put each individual letter of your name into the Library as a Graphic Symbol.
  • Create some additional layers with shapes. Make the animation interesting.
  • Make sure the last frame of your movie loops back to the first frame (there shouldn’t be a jump when the movie starts playing again).
  • For each letter:
    • Use Transform to Scale, Rotate & Skew
    • Change the Color of each letter
  • Hand in SWF file.


  • 5th period is working on a series of Public Service Announcements for Galileo’s new Behavior Expectations.
  • Each student in Computer Art will design a Flash animation that can be used at the end of these PSAs.
  • The Slogan for the animation is: DON’T BE A CUB, BE A LION
  • Set to 30FPS (frames per second)
  • Change the size of your stage to 720W x 480Ht.
  • Put each word of the slogan onto its own layer. Group each word and place in the library as a Symbol.
  • Use shapes and colors. Try to create something that communicates the idea of the message.
  • Once the animation stops moving and the words are clearly on the screen and easy to read, make sure the words are on screen for at least 5 seconds (at 30FPS that would be 150 frames).
  • Hand in SWF, but make sure to save your FLA (working file). We may need it in the future.