Galileo Behavior Expectations

Galileo has a new set of BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS. You’ve seen the signs around the building. There are different categories (e.g., Hallways, Courtyard, Computer Labs, etc.). Select one of these categories and make 3 posters illustrating specific Behavior Expectations for that category.

3 Posters, each 400px W x 600px Ht, 72ppi, saved as JPG; in folder 2lastnameBehavior.


Combine images. Show Photoshop Skills: Layer Mask, Cut-outs, Filters, Layer Styles. But make sure people can read the words on your posters.


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●   Clean up after yourself (pick up trash)

●   Use appropriate language and volume

●   Treat community members as you would treat your elders (with respect)

●  Build relationships/rapport with bus drivers, owners, etc.

Be Prepared


●   Be on campus when class is in session

●   Keep track of your possessions or papers

Be Safe ●   Stay aware

●   Notice others & your surroundings

●   Use crosswalks with the light

Be Socially Responsible ●   Treat people as you would like to be treated


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●  Keep the courtyard clean (pick up trash)

●  Be mindful of others’ personal space and belongings

●  Use appropriate language & volume

●  Be mindful of noise level when class is in session

Be Prepared


●   Head to class when the bell(s) ring

●   Budget your time for locker & bathroom needs

Be Safe ●   Walk (only use skateboards off campus)

●   Sports equipment should only be used on the basketball court, field and gyms.

●   Engage in positive verbal, physical,and social interactions

Be Socially Responsible ●   Respect plant life/animal life/landscape


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●   Use inside voices

●   Use appropriate language

●   Be courteous to others

●   Be mindful of classes in session

Be Prepared


●   Arrive to class on time

●   Budget your time for locker & bathroom needs

●   Carry hall passes during class

Be Safe ●   Walk

●   Report spills to an adult

Be Socially Responsible ●   Clean up after yourself

●   Pick up trash


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ·    Treat others the way you want to be treated

·    Use appropriate language in peer interaction

Be Prepared


·    Keep track of time

·    Visit the cafeteria only during appropriate times (before school and lunch time)

Be Safe ·    Engage in positive verbal, physical, and social interactions

·    Make sure exits are clear

Be Socially Responsible ·    Throw items in appropriate bins (recycle,compost,trash)

·    Pick up after yourself and leave space orderly


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●   Respect equipment

●   Always use earphones for sound/volume

●   Be mindful of adjacent classes in session

●   All food and drinks must be consumed before entering

●   Teacher approval is needed to use computer lab during class time

Be Prepared


●   Stay on task

●   School work takes priority for computer use

Be Safe ●   Stay on approved websites (downloads/uploads)
Be Socially Responsible ●   Leave the computer lab orderly

●   Respect others work/accounts


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●  Respect other’s belongings

●  Clean up after activity/lunch

●  Use appropriate language

Be Prepared


●   Arrive and leave at the appropriate time for class (budget your time including locker room use)
Be Safe ●   Use equipment correctly & responsibly

●   Use only when an adult is present

Be Socially Responsible ●   Be a good sport

●   Understand everyone has a different skill set

●   Include all/reach out -if you see someone solo, talk to them


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●   Use the appropriate receptacles (toilets, etc)

●   Use resources (paper towels) as intended

Be Prepared


●   Manage your time and & return to class

●   Utilize passing period

Be Safe ●   Report leaks
Be Socially Responsible ●   Keep area clean


Value Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful ●   Share the space

●   Leave before the bell (off field & court before first bell)

Be Prepared


●   Bring equipment only to the field/court

●   Manage your time

Be Safe ●   Play safely

●   Keep games within designated areas

Be Socially Responsible ●   Pick up your trash

●   Include others in games