Artist PowerPoints

Mr. Machtay has returned your Artist Bullet Points with feedback — fixes, additions and improvements you need to make.


  • PAST TENSE: Anything that happened in the past should be referred to in past tense. Your artist painted, designed, married, taught, etc, in previous times. Use past tense.
  • UNDERSTAND ALL WORDS: If your PowerPoint includes words that aren’t in ordinary conversation, Mr. Machtay will ask you to define the word for the class. Look up the words or change the words before you present your PowerPoint.
  • UNDERSTAND ALL CONCEPTS: Your report may refer to Abstract Expressionism, or Bauhaus, or Mid-Century Modern Design, or Pop Art. You need to be able to explain any art movement or concept in your report.
  • DEFINE WHAT’S UNIQUE: Each painter, each designer and each architect is unique. Don’t just say your architect designed buildings using metal, glass and bricks. What was unique and different about this person’s buildings? What signature style or special features identified this artist’s work?


  • Follow the steps the same way we created the Mario Botta PowerPoints.
  • Place content and images in place on each slide.
  • Apply a template/background design consistent across all slides. Make sure the design you choose is appropriate for the subject.
  • Apply simple animation and slide transitions. Select one animation for all text and another animation for all images. Don’t use a lot of different animations.



There will be 5-6 presentations each day. Your grade will be based on the completion of your PowerPoint (did you make fixes to bullet points? did you include everything appropriate for PowerPoint?), and also on your presentation. Are you knowledgeable about your artist? Can you speak intelligently about the work your artist produced?


At the end of each group of 5-6 presentations, there will be a 10-question quiz. You will receive a grade based on your cumulative score on all the quizzes. The quizzes will not ask for dates or the name of the artist’s children. The answer to each question on the quizzes will be the name of an artist (e.g., Who designs the St. Louis Arch? Which of these artists was born in China? Which artist was considered the father of Abstract Painting?).