What’s Next…

This Week:

Tuesday: Complete Worklog for week of April 11th.

Wednesday: Hand in 200-300 words explaining your participation in the Big Video Project. What jobs did you do? How much videotaping did you do? How much editing? Be specific. What did you learn while working on this project (both technical skills and people skills)?

Friday: Each team hand in half-a-page explanation of your Final Video for the year. Describe the video, what will be in it, what you’ll have to do to make it.


Our class will be making a series of short videos that can be presented at next fall’s Welcome Assembly. The purpose of the videos should be to motivate students to get involved: join clubs, try out for teams, get to class on time, make the most out of your time at Galileo.

Choose something specific to make your video about. Focus. It could be serious or it could be funny. Your finished video should be about 2 minutes long (so don’t try to make a video about everything).

Impress Mr. Machtay… and next fall when we show these videos IMPRESS GALILEO!