“What’s Cool” Website

A BIG CORPORATION wants to make even more money selling things to teenagers. So, they have hired you to create a new website about “What’s Cool for Teenagers.”

YOUR FIRST DECISION — CONTENT: What’s the content of your website? It could be about Entertainment, or Sports, or Cars & Gadgets, or Games, or Music, or Celebrity Gossip. What else? Choose a main content subject, and a secondary one.

THE NAME: Based on your decision about the content of your website, what will you name the website? Don’t use someone else’s name (you can’t call it “beyonce” or “oldnavy”).

STORIES & FEATURES: What is the top story (the one that’s most prominent) on this week’s website? What are the secondary stories (smaller than the top story, but also featured on the homepage)? What are the features on your site (chat? horoscopes? interactive games? something completely original?)?