Banners for Your Website

Step 1: Write down 3 adjectives that describe you. The class will discuss the ways in which adjectives that describe people can also be used to describe design. Designs can be described as silly or calm or colorful or fun or businesslike. Designs can represent qualities like modesty, intelligence, honesty.

Step 2: You will design 3 banners for the top of your webpage. Each banner will be 600px wide by 200px ht. The design should only have your first name. No other words.

Step 3: If your word is “silly” don’t just put a picture of a clown. Express your ideas through the DESIGN, the choice of colors, of typefaces, of design elements.

Step 4: Mr. Machtay will show the class how to save files as JPGs, and how to submit work to pickupdropoff folder.


You will then design 3 Galileo banners, each 400px wide by 200px ht, each with a different purpose. The Galileo colors are purple and gold. The mascot is a lion.

Banner 1: Is for the football team. It should be bold and bright and upbeat, and a design you can see from the top row of Kezar Stadium.

Banner 2: Is for the Galileo principal. It should be businesslike and professional looking. The lettering and colors should be serious.

Banner 3: Your choice. You can make it for a specific club or activity at the school. Or make just what you like.