You will begin to learn how to Photoshop an image. On all of these assignments your grade will depend on making it look real!

First, go to pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup folder. There is a folder called “cart1,” drag that folder into your documents folder. You will eventually make use of all the images inside cart1.


Open the file img_windows.psd. You will use the Lasso Tool to cut out the insides of each of the windows. Make sure you SET FEATHER TO 1 (not 0). Nothing in real life is feathered at 0. Feathering at 0 makes a sharp, hard edge, that will not look realistic.


Open the file img_courtyard.psd. You will use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove all the people from the image. Make sure you’re aware of where your Source is and where your Copy is.

IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE 600px wide by 400px ht. Hand in PSD.

You will combine three images together to create an Imaginary Landscape. One of the three images needs to come from the San Francisco Bay Area.

You need to choose three different images that will match up. That means:

  • Foreground/Mid-ground/Background: choose one picture that shows something close to the camera; one that is medium distance; one that is far away from the camera. There are some pictures that include close/medium/far in one photo (for instance an angled shot of Golden Gate Bridge). Don’t use pictures like that.
  • Same/Similar Lighting: you can’t combine a daytime image with nighttime image. Don’t choose an image with unusual lighting (an orange sunset).
  • Same Angle: some photos are taken looking down from a hilltop (or a helicopter), some are taken looking up at a tall building. You can’t easily combine those with other pictures.
  • Don’t Try to Cut Our the Golden Gate Bridge: It can’t be done. Don’t try putting something behind the Golden Gate Bridge. It will look sloppy and phony. You can put the Bridge as the bottom layer/background. But nothing behind the bridge.

TWINS PROJECT 600px wide by 400px ht, hand in PSD.

You will combine two photos of yourself.

  • Make sure the angle is the same on both pictures
  • The lighting has to match (this won’t be a problem if you use two pictures both taken inside this classroom)
  • The larger person is in front. (It won’t look real if you break this rule.)
  • If you can create a story with your Twins picture, you’ll get extra credit.