Your web1 folder

You must rename your web1 folder to 5lastnameweb1

What goes into your web1 folder:

  1. The following HTML files need to be in your web1 folder:
    1. index.html
    2. color.html
    3. tiling.html
    4. stylesheets.html
  2. The following JPGs/GIFS need to be in the images folder inside your web1 folder:
    1. one of your Name Banners (600px x 200px)
    2. one of your Galileo Banners (400px x 200px)
    3. your completed colortable.gif
    4. your completed Imaginary Landscape (as JPG)
    5. your completed Twins Picture (as JPG)
    6. all of your completed backgrounds (bg1.gif, bg2.gif, etc. all as GIFs)
  3. When you type in a web address the page that will automatically open is index.html. This will be your main page, and this is the page you’ll be working on now.
  4. You have worked on various Photoshop files as PSDs. Now save your Imaginary Landscape as a JPG; save your Twins Picture as a JPG; and save Colortable as a GIF. Place these three files (the JPGs and GIFs) inside the images folder that’s inside your web1 folder.
  5. Images are not embedded in a web page, they are linked (this is why keeping everything in the same folder is so important). To link an image in an HTML page you use <img src=”(pathway to image here)”>. When writing the pathway to your image you must include the folder it’s in, for instance images/colortable.gif.
  6. You must link your webpages together. There are links at the top of the right-hand column of index page. To write the link <a href=”(name of page to be linked)”> (this stands for anchor hypertext reference). At the end of the link you must put a close link tag </a>. Link each of the other html pages you worked on to the index page; this will include: color.html, tiling.html, and stylesheets.html.
  7. Go to the <body tag near the top of index.html. Add an attribute and value for a background image <background=”images/(name one of your bg GIFs)”>. You created a series of GIF images used as backgrounds on tiling.html. Choose the one you like best as background for your index page.
  8. Insert stylesheets into the head of your index.html page. Create a style for “p” that you would like for the text on the page.
  9. Write an essay 100-200 words long titled “If I could speak to 1,000,000 people…” and talk about what is important to you and why.