Work on index.html

On block day you should have added all the images and links to your index.html page.

If you enter a URL (web address) for a plain HTML website, it will automatically open index.html page. This is your homepage.


  1. Insert your written “If I could speak to 1,000,000 people into appropriate spot on index.html page.
  2. Go to the “head” of the page index.html
  3. Find the CSS code at the top. Change Stylesheets for paragraphs.
  4. Go to <body tag. You can either enter <body bgcolor=” or <body background=”
  5. If you choose background, use on of your bg.gifs (bg1.gif, bg2.gif, etc. — these will already be linked from images folder), or create a new background.
  6. Try out different backgrounds and different colors for text.

Then go into Google Chrome or Safari. Make sure all the images are placed correctly. Make sure the type is readable against your background. Determine if there’s anything you want to do to adjust the layout/design (if you have an idea, ask Mr. Machtay how to proceed). Then test all the links (use the back arrow to return to index page).