CSS-P — Cats Website

  • Go to machtayh > pickup folder and move the folder called “cats” into your Documents.
  • This week the class will learn about CSS-Positioning. You will start work on a Photoshop file, cats.psd, that is already in the folder “cats.”
  • On block day this week you will translate your Photoshop design into CSS-P file.
  • Mr. Machtay will teach the class about DIVs — an important part of CSS-Positioning. When you design with CSS-P, you create a series of rectangular boxes on the page. These are DIVs. It’s best to keep DIVs in mind when you create your design.
  • You need to use all the textboxes of type on the page. But you need to change the typefaces and sizes (remember, you’ll have to write the CSS code for the formatting). Don’t worry if some text runs off the bottom of the page. You’re creating a design. It’s assumed the page will run longer than 600px.
  • You can use the images on the page or you can find your own images. Make sure you keep images in proportion. Also, make sure any image you use is placed in the “images” folder inside “cats” folder. If you resize an image in your design, you need to resize the actual image file the same.
  • Starting block day you will use your Photoshop design to begin your HTML page.