Put Yourself in the Picture

You will use Photoshop skills — especially CUT-OUTS — to put yourself into two other pictures. You can place yourself into a scene from a movie, put yourself next to some celebrity, or show yourself in some far-away place.

On both pictures DON’T MAKE YOURSELF TOO SMALL! If the cut-out is small, how can Mr. Machtay tell whether you did  good job?

You will make 2 Pictures, each one 600px Wide by 400px Ht, saved as JPGs.


You’ll be graded on how realistic the finished picture looks. Can I see where you cut out? Does it look phony or sloppy?

Part of this involves choosing pictures that will match with the picture of you. Here are some tips:

  • NO drawings or cartoons: How could they exist in a realistic 3-dimensional world?
  • Cut Out the Front Picture: Don’t cut a hole in a picture to show yourself peeking through. Don’t cut out a small character and place it in the background.
  • Match the lighting: You can’t match an indoor picture with an outdoor picture on a bright, sunny day. Also it’s especially difficult to combine a daytime and a night time picture.
  • Match the proportions: If there’s another person in your background picture, make sure the larger image goes in front. If you’re resizing a face to match another picture, pay attention to the distance from eyes to chin.
  • Match the angle: Is your background picture looking down? Looking up?
  • Don’t use fashion or studio photography: Actors, singers and models get poses and head shots done in professional photographers’ studios. You won’t be able to match the lighting.
  • Match color tones of front and back pictures: If you’re cutting yourself out from a bright, light background and placing yourself against a dark image, it’s more likely to show fringe.
  • Make sure there’s room for you in the picture: You can place yourself in front of another person. Or try using a scene from a movie — that way you’re placing yourself into a location.

Still NO drawings or cartoons. You must use photographs or realistic paintings. You can set this in a science fiction fantasy or in a historical period. You can create a scene that is surreal (looks realistic, but could not exist in the real world… for instance, you’re floating in the air or you’re a giant towering over other people).

But make sure your work is neat, the pictures combine well, and your finished image is the result of choices you’ve made.

Do something interesting on this!!!