Playing with Time & Space

SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF is an important concept in filmmaking. You are scared for the hero going into the haunted house, even though you know the actor is alive and well, and deep down you certainly know IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!

Some of you have already worked on an IMPLIED ACTION Video. This one will require many more elements.

IMPLIED ACTION 1: You will show an action happening with a series of close-up shots (someone falls down a flight of stairs; someone is hit by a car; someone is punched and falls). You must use close-ups for this.

IMPLIED ACTION 2: You will show an action happening with reaction shots. (someone is about to be hit by a car, then you cut to someone screaming; someone falls down a flight of stairs, but you cut to the person who pushed them). In this one you’ll show the beginning of the action and the end of the action, but with the reaction shot in the middle.

2 PEOPLE/2 LOCATIONS: You will use footage of two people in two different locations, but edit it together to make it look like the two are in the same location interacting with each other. (Make it look realistic! Match the lighting, etc.)

POINT OF VIEW SHOT: You will show someone looking, then show what they’re looking at. BUT, as above, you will take those two shots in different locations and edit them together to make them look real.

PASSAGE OF TIME: Find a creative way to show passage of time. You could find a way to show that a week has passed, one day at a time. Or you could find a way to show that someone has entered a classroom and then an hour has passed and they exit that room. Or you could find a way to show someone going through a year of school.

All of these elements should be incorporated into a video that runs around 2 minutes. The finished video should make sense as some sort of story.