Pride in Galileo

First, meet and get to know your new teammates. Your teammates are very nice people who are looking forward to working with you. So be nice!

Each team will make an ad campaign around the theme of “Pride in Galileo.” What does that mean to you? Take pride in Galileo because we have good test scores? Or take pride in Galileo and don’t litter? Pride because we have the lowest incidence of bullying? Or take pride and don’t bully?

First, your team must agree on a THEME and a SLOGAN. (The Slogan cannot be “Pride in Galileo.”) Everyone on your team will use the same slogan and same focus.

Each individual student will hand in:

3 POSTERS/ADS (400px W x 600px Ht, saved as JPGs) with the theme and slogan chosen by your team. BUT your 3 ads are completely designed and created by YOU.

You can access Galileo pictures in machtayh > pickup > all folders tinted green have pictures in them (try not to use pics that show students from 2009). You can also get your own pictures around Galileo and use them (extra credit if you bring at least 8 pictures that are different from the ones in the folders and well-done). Share them with your teammates. Help your teammates.