Results from Market Research

You have now conducted Market Research with a variety of groups. Each group should have spoken to (1) students who are in the pathway; (2) students who did not choose the pathway; and (3) 10th grade students to find out what they know about the pathway and what would (or would not) convince them to sign up for your pathway.

These are the questions you need to answer based on the data you collected through Market Research Interviews:

  • What is the problem (problems) we need to solve for our client?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What do we need to communicate to that audience?
  • How can we make people believe us/care about what we’re saying?
  • How do we motivate people to sign up for our pathway?

Work on this report today together as a team.

You will present this report to the class on Wednesday this week. After that, your team will work together to develop a CREATIVE BRIEF. The Creative Brief will offer concrete answers to these open questions above. What will your message be? How will you package this? And how will you get people to sign up for programs?