Creative Brief for Your Ad Campaign

Your team will now use what you’ve learned from Market Research, in addition to your understanding about the client and their needs, to write a CREATIVE BRIEF. Ad agencies use Creative Briefs to make sure everyone is “on the same page” in the approach and goals of the campaign.

ALSO: Each team member should make one Photoshop poster 400px W x 600px Ht that represents their team’s chosen STRATEGY. (Go to pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > acadpathways > to download pictures you can use.


  1. What is your strategy for this ad campaign? (What themes? What kinds of slogans? How will you represent this pathway?)
  2. What is the client’s main problem/problems? How will your strategy help address the problems?
  3. Who is the audience you’re trying to reach? Why will they care about what your ad campaign says?
  4. What insight do we have? What insight is our strategy based on?
  5. What is the most interesting thing we know to help us solve our client’s problem?
    1. This could come from the product/service.
    2. It might come from something happening in the culture.
    3. It could be something we know about our audience.
    4. Or it could be an enemy (like boredom) that we want to tackle with our campaign.
  6. What is the MAIN IDEA we need to communicate?
  7. Why should people believe us and care about what we’re saying?
  8. What do we want people to do? (Sign up for pathway)
  9. Expected Outputs:
    1. Posters (Photoshop)
    2. Website
    3. Social Media Campaign
    4. Informational Video/Commercial Script