Planning Big Video Project

  • In machtayh > pickup folder there is a file called videoprojectplanning.docx.
  • Drag that file to your desktop.
  • Fill in the name of your project, team members, and the rest of the requested information.
  • Figure out what scenes you need to shoot for your project. Interviews? Enactments?
  • List all the scenes and number them.
  • Then use the scene numbers to fill in the Shooting Schedule below.
  • As of this week, fill in: What your team will accomplish as of November 4th. How many scenes? How many interviews? What footage will you shoot? What editing will be complete?
  • Rename file VideoF16_nameofyourproject, and place in Google Drive. Share the file with all members of your team and share it with
  • On November 4th, your team will be asked to fill in what you will accomplish in the following two weeks.