Ad Campaigns — What’s Next

Now that you have refined your Creative Briefs and gotten feedback, it’s time to start on the actual creative work of producing the Ad Campaigns.

  1. Review whether we have recent/current pictures from your program. Do we have fresh video of the program?
  2. We need to schedule time asap for members of your team to meet with students from the academy/pathway to discuss: (a) Social Media Campaign & (b) Galileoweb site contents. Remember, these students and their teachers are your clients.
  3. You need to create a series of ads for your program. The ads will be 24″ x 36″ at 240ppi. (We have never before worked at this size and there might be problems.)
  4. You need to write a script for a Video Infomercial for your program. The video will be produced by 6th period students.
  5. You need to write up a 2-sentence synopsis of your creative brief: Main Problem & Strategy. This 2-sentence Creative Brief will be used by other students to create work.