Meeting with Program Reps

Over the next two days your team members will be meeting with student representatives form each of the programs. This is what you need to explain/discuss with the program reps:

  1. GALILEOWEB SITE: We will be building out their program’s sub-site on Galileoweb. Your team will have Editor privileges and Mr. Machtay will have Administrator privileges for the site. Get emails from 2 program students who will also get editor privileges. Their pathway teacher will also have administrative privileges. (An editor can create a post, but an administrator must make it live.)
  2. WEBSITE 2: What categories of posts do the pathway students want on their sub-site? How will it be organized?
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: What can you do in partnership to develop a social media campaign? What hashtags, what apps? I have to leave this to my students to figure out.
  4. COLLECT PHOTOS: Ask your program reps to go back to their classmates and collect photos of program activities, especially field trips or interesting labs (scenes where students aren’t just sitting still listening to a teacher).
  5. EXCHANGE EMAILS: Share contact information. Program reps should send the photos to one of you.
  6. SCRIPT & SLOGAN: Read the script to Program Reps, share your slogan. Get their feedback.

ALSO TODAY: You will fill out SELF-ASSESSMENT & TEAMMATE-ASSESSMENT forms. The rubric you will use is at