Ads for Pathways/Academies

Each student will create a series of 6 advertising posters, one for each of the Galileo Academies/Pathways.

Your posters should be 400pxW x 600pxHt, saved as JPGs, placed in folder 2lastnamepathwayads. (Note: Mr. Machtay may ask a few students to re-do their posters at 24″ x 36″, but that will be later on.)

First year Media Arts students have done Market Research and determined (a) What is the client’s biggest problem in recruiting students? and (b) What is our strategy to address that problem?

You must keep these strategies in mind and use these slogans for each of the pathways. BUT design the six posters as an ad campaign/set — same typefaces, same filters, similar designs, etc.


PROBLEM: Students think it’s boring.
STRATEGY: Show all the exciting and useful things students do in Health Academy (CPR, childbirth, putting someone on a stretcher).
SLOGAN: Find the Hero in You

PROBLEM: Students don’t know what biotech is and they think it’s too difficult. Plus there’s competition from AP classes.
STRATEGY: You can create things using Biotech skills. Plus Biotech is the fastest-growing job field and the Bay Area is the center of Biotech.
SLOGAN: Science: What Will You Create?

PROBLEM: Not enough girls sign up for Computer Science. Too many think CS is solitary work in front of a computer screen.
STRATEGY: Girls tend to choose classes/programs together with their friends. Show them that CS is about teamwork and it’s a friendly place.
SLOGAN: Computer Science: Friends Now, Good Jobs Later

PROBLEM: Students believe ES is about picking up trash on the beach and listening to boring lectures.
STRATEGY: Show that ES uses the outdoors as its science lab. It’s an academic course with weekly field trips.
SLOGAN: The Earth Doesn’t Sit Still. Should You?

PROBLEM: Students think this is either a boring business class, or that hospitality jobs mean low-paid waiter/waitress jobs.
STRATEGY: Show all the field trips and special events and activities done by Hospitality students. Also, reach out to students who are sociable, who want to work together with other people.
SLOGAN: Bring a Smile

PROBLEM: Of all 6 programs, students do not see Media Arts leading to future career success. (In the past we’ve advertised as “a place for art & creativity.” That’s not the message needed.
STRATEGY: Show how useful Media Arts skills are in life and in your professional future.
SLOGAN: Create Your Future