Visually Communicate a Person

You will make 2 Photoshop posters — each one about a person of your choice. Poster #1 should be someone famous. Poster #2 should be someone you know personally (someone from school or from your family). This project is inspired by our visit to the AIDS Memorial Quilt, but you should create Poster #2 about someone who is still alive.

Make a Photoshop file 600px x 600px 72ppi. Combine at least 5 different images.

You can only use ONE WORD on your poster: The person’s FIRST NAME. (Do not use words from a book cover or a movie poster.)

Do NOT use a picture of the person.

Do NOT use cartoons or drawings as a main part of your picture.

Demonstrate your Photoshop skills: You know how to use cut-outs, layer styles, layer masks, filters — SHOW YOUR SKILLS!

When I look at the completed poster I should be able to understand: What is this person interested in? How does this person identify? What is this person known for? Who is this person?

In the end, I may not know what the person looks like, but I should know a lot about them.