Starting a Project in Adobe Premier Pro

  1. 5th period will use odd-number computers and cameras from 101E. 6th period will use even-number computers and cameras from 101B.
  2. We must make sure all SD Cards are marked with camera number. If you remove an SF card to insert it into a computer, make sure you return the SD card to the same camera.
  3. Log in to computers as “guest user.” Video files are too large for our school network.
  4. You will place all your files in “workspace” (each computer’s hard drive is partitioned between Hard Drive and workspace).
  5. Create a folder for the current project/team. Make sure the name is easy to understand and find in the future (winterball16, psa_eslo_team11, etc. Do NOT use spaces or special characters in folder or project names). Inside that folder you will create four sub-folders: project, video, stills, audio.
  6. UPLOADING FOOTAGE: When you insert a memory card into a computer, you will upload the footage to iPhoto. Then you will move the clips into “video” sub-folder of your team folder. Then you will move the footage from the video sub-folder to the “media bin” of your project. (When you log out of the computer, anything saved as “guest user” will disappear. But anything saved in “workspace” will remain.)