• What does it mean to be Woke?
  • How do you know if/when you are Woke?
  • What do you want people to be Woke to? (Woke about?)

To begin this semester:

Each team will make 3 more PSAs for Galileo ESLOs. Galileo students will be…

  • Responsible Community Members
  • Healthy Individuals
  • Lifelong Learners

Due Friday, January 13th

At the same time discuss with your team:

What do you want people to be WOKE about? What could you communicate to people in a 5-minute video that will contribute positively to the WOKE-fulness of the world? What topic do you all care enough about to devote 2 months working on it?

Once you have a topic selected, Mr. Machtay will sit down with your team and help you work out specifics so you can begin shooting your Big Video Project on January 16th.