Political Posters

What do you care about? Raise your voice about SOMETHING! Your choice — voting rights? evictions? war? refugees? hunger? income inequality? violence? the constitution? What else?

shepard-fairey-inauguration-posters-design-graphics-illustration_dezeen_2364_col_3-1-852x1136There is a long tradition of Political Posters. Some are very famous. Can you express your opinions/ideas in a visual way?

Choose One Topic/Opinion

Create 3 Posters — each one 400pxW x 600pxHt, 72ppi, saved as JPG. Name them 2lastnamePolitical1, 2, 3.

No more than 5 words maximum on any one poster. (You are trying to communicate visually!) Can you create one poster without any words on it, but still have it communicate your idea/opinion? Can you combine pictures to create something new? (1 + 1 = >2)