Artist Retrospective

Hooray! The SF Museum of Modern Art has decided to have a Retrospective about YOUR ARTIST — the one you’re going to report on for class. Since you’re an expert in that artist, the museum has hired you to work on the marketing materials for the show.

You have to give the museum three different poster designs for your artist’s retrospective.

You will design 3 Photoshop files, 600px Ht x 400px W, each saved as a JPG, in folder named 2lastnameArtistsName.

Choose a NAME for the show. One word or just a few that reflect upon the artist’s work. (For instance, Mario Botta’s Retrospective might be called “Shapes” or “Geometry.”)

Poster you design should include:

  • Name of Art Show
  • Artist’s Name
  • Location: SF Museum of Modern Art
  • Dates: July 1-September 30, 2017

Make each of the posters visually appealing. And make each one different. If you make a poster that uses only one image; make another poster that combines 3 or 5 different images.

Show Photoshop skills. I keep saying this. Show me that you can use Layer Masks, Cut-Outs, Filters, Layer Styles, etc.

Also, your choice of design, should show an understanding of your artist’s style.