Revising Bullet Points

Your Artist Bullet Points have been returned to you with notes. You can use Friday to make revisions/fixes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE if you need more time to work on the Bullet Points. If Mr. Machtay wrote notes about things you need to fix or add and you do not fix/add those things, YOUR GRADE WILL GO DOWN!

Do not begin work in PowerPoint until Mr. Machtay shows you how he wants you to use PowerPoint.

Some things to note:

  • Remember, you were supposed to write SHORT BULLET POINTS, not full sentences, certainly not paragraphs. Boil it down to only the most important words.
  • Did you list where the person went to School?
  • If you listed the name of a college, did you include their College Major?
  • Don’t just say a person was famous for “designing buildings.” Each architect was famous for certain specific designs. Give us specifics.
  • In the same way, don’t just say a painter was famous for oil paintings. What were the elements in this artist’s paintings that made her/him unique?
  • For each important artwork, list the year, the materials, and (if it’s a building or a sculpture) the location.
  • Give reasons for your opinions. Don’t just say you like it or don’t like it. Explain why.
  • Please adapt the question, “Would you want this artist’s work in your home?” If your artist is a graphic designer, the question should be: “Would you hire this artist to make a logo or advertisement for your company? Why or why not?” If you have an architect who designs tall buildings, the question should be: “Would you want this artist to design a headquarters for your company? Why or why not?”