Artist PowerPoint

You have this week to make any revisions or additions to your Artist Bullet Points. Mr. Machtay wrote notes and feedback on your Bullet Points — make sure you pay attention and do what was asked (and please ask if you can’t read Mr. M’s handwriting).

In putting together your PowerPoint, follow the same steps we did for the Mario Botta PowerPoint:

  • Insert all Content
  • Select a Theme (one template for all pages; make sure it’s appropriate to your artist)
  • Customize the Theme
  • Apply Animations & Transitions (but limit the variety; don’t go crazy with different animations)


  • Bullet Points should not be full sentences. Keep it brief, only the most important information, and only the most necessary words
  • Be specific! Don’t say your artist was famous for designing buildings. What kind of buildings? What stylistic elements? How was this designer different from all the rest?
  • KNOW what you’re writing about! If you say “the artist’s work is ubiquitous,” you need to be able to define “ubiquitous.” If your artist was known for “Mid-Century Modern Design,” you’ll need to explain what that means.
  • Show Variety of artwork! Don’t focus on just one short era of the artist’s work. Show different types of work, different content, different styles.


  • You will begin presenting Artist PowerPoints next week.
  • You will receive a grade for your PowerPoint (Is it well laid out, is the design appropriate, did you follow guidelines for design and animation?).
  • You will receive a grade for your Oral Presentation (Do you understand what you’re talking about? Can you explain things clearly? Are you able to answer questions about your artist?)
  • After each 5 or 6 presentations you will have a 10-question quiz. Each of those quizzes will be graded. This grade will also count toward your final marking period grade.