Movie About Your Artist

The artist you’ve been researching and reporting on has led an interesting life and contributed to art history.

Since you are an expert on this particular artist, the movie studio has hired you to come up with a script about the artist’s life (well, they want you to write an outline of the story). Some movies tell the story of an artist’s entire life from childhood to death. Other movies focus on one particular segment of an artist’s life — a turning point that was most challenging or most exciting.

You will design 3 different posters for your artist in Photoshop. Each poster should be 400px W x 600px Ht, 72ppi.

But first:

  • Come up with the title of your movie.
  • Choose the stars. Based on present-day actors, who would you choose to play your artist. Who are the other important characters in your story? (The artist’s wife, patron, family member?) Who would co-star in your movie?
  • Now come up with a slogan for your movie. Make it short. Make it something that will sell the movie.
  • Now design three different posters for your movie.
  • Each poster needs:
    • Title of the Movie (same title for all 3 posters)
    • Image(s) & name(s) of the Star(s) (same stars for all 3 posters)
    • Slogan that sells the movie (same slogan for all 3 posters)
    • Artist’s work should be used on at least 2 out of the 3 posters.
    • Exciting visuals that make people want to go see this movie.