“What’s Cool” Magazine, Step 1

You have been hired to create a new magazine with the temporary title “What’s Cool for Teens.” Your first job is to decide what kind of magazine it will be. Will it be about Fashion? Celebrities? Cool Cars? Music? Sports? (Whatever it is, it must be from a teen perspective and appealing to teenage readers.)

Once you decided on the content, you must create a new title! (Something that doesn’t sound so lame.)

Then, design three different choices of Logo for your magazine. The Logo must be something that stands out large on the cover of the magazine, and can also be used small on each page of the magazine.

Create one Photoshop JPG 600px X 600px with three different Logo designs on it (all with the same magazine name).

This is a one-day assignment. On Friday, you will use one of your Logos as you design the rest of the pages for your magazine.