Teen Magazine

Create a folder named 2lastnameMagazine or 3lastnameMagazine.

Inside that folder place your JPG with 3 different magazine logos.

You will create 8 more JPGs, each one 400px W x 600px Ht. Name them as follows:


This will be the cover of your magazine. You will place your logo prominently at the top of the page. Then you will place pictures and “blurbs” about your Lead Article and any Secondary Articles and Features in your magazine.

page 2:

This will be an advertisement for a product that appeals to teenagers. You can use one of the advertisements you did earlier in the school year. Choose one: Food made from bugs, movie ad, public service announcement. Make sure your advertisement is appropriate for teenagers and fits in with your magazine.

page 3:

Make this page last. You will list what is on each page. You will decorate this page with small images from your articles and features.

page 4, page 5:

These two pages are for your Lead Article — the biggest article that has the most appeal to your readers. You need to write at least 100 words for this article. And design the pages so that the article is intermixed together with images.

page 6:

This will be one of your Secondary Articles. You need to write at least 50 words for this article. Design it so that the words are intermixed together with the images.

page 7:

A Feature! It could be a puzzle or a quiz or a word finder. Come up with some fun feature that fits in with the topic of your magazine and display it on this page.

page 8:

Back Cover Advertisement. Create a new advertisement specifically for your magazine, encouraging people to subscribe to your magazine. Show images and blurbs about all the exciting articles that are coming up in the future.


  • You need to write a Lead Article 100 words
  • You need to write a Secondary Article 50 words
  • You need to create a Feature — it could be a puzzle or a quiz or a word finder. Or come up with something completely different.

Due Tuesday, May 16th