First Marking Period, 5th°

The first marking period will begin with a brief introduction to Photoshop. Students who took Mr. Machtay’s Computer Art 1 class will already be familiar with the first week’s curriculum. In week 2 students will start learning “How Computer Understand Color,” which means learning RGB Color and Hexadecimal. At the same time students will begin working with HTML and CSS.

Each student will go to pickup/dropoff to get a folder called web1. (Connect to server > pickup/dropoff > machtayh > pickup) Move this folder to Documents folder in your own account. Rename this folder 5lastnameweb1.

At the end of the first marking period you will have linked webpages that display samples of your HTML/CSS work.

  • Inside your web1 folder, you should only have HTML pages (and a folder named images).
    • index.html neatly displays Photoshop work and includes links to other html pages (20 pt); also 100 words on the topic “IF I COULD SPEAK TO 1,000,000 PEOPLE.” (10 pt)
    • color.html each cell has correct background color and font color (12 pt)
    • tiling.html displaying 12 different backgrounds; the words in each cell should be easy to read (12 pt)
    • stylesheets.html you will define the CSS code used on the page (12 pt)
  • Inside web1 folder there will be a folder named images. Inside images folder will only be JPG and GIF images. These must include:
    • bg1.gif – bg12.gif backgrounds that will display on tiling.html (all saved as .gifs)
    • colortable.gif all 36 cells filled in neatly with correct colors (saved as .gif); displayed on index.html (8 pt)
    • gallogo 400px wide x 200px height, color and images to represent Galileo (saved as gif or jpg); displayed on index.html (8 pt)
    • namelogo 400px wide x 200 px height, color and images to represent you (saved as gif or jpg); displayed on index.html (8 pt)
    • pagelogo 800 px wide x 150 px height, top of web page (saved as gif or jpg); displayed on index.html (10 pt)

IMPORTANT: If you don’t place all the images and html pages in the correct folders, your links won’t work, your pages will be busted, and you will get a low grade.