Brooklyn Webpage, Pt 1 (Photoshop)

From machtayh > pickup folder, download folder named “brooklyn.” Inside the brooklyn folder open file brooklyn.psd using Photoshop.

  • You will change the typefaces
    • no text larger than 12 point
    • use either Times New Roman, Verdana or Trebuchet MS for text
  • Resize the images
    • make sure to keep them in proportion
  • Design a Webpage
    • Keep in mind principles of good design, use the space well
  • Use a background image
    • it could be one you created for backgrounds.html assignment
  • Make the logo and links look attractive, appropriate and user-friendly
    • links should not be larger than 14 point
  • Use ALIGNMENT!!!
    • It will make it way easier when translating your design into CSS-P

ALIGNMENT is important! It’s an important design principle. Also, you will be adapting your Photoshop design into a webpage using CSS-P (Cascading Stylesheets Positioning). It will be easier if elements on your page line up.

Complete your design by middle of class Tuesday, so the class can begin learning how to adapt the CSS version.