Photo Bomb

You will create a new file 600pxW x 400pxHt. You will add yourself into another picture.

You know how to cut yourself out (you did that in the Twins Project). This time you need to find another picture and add yourself in. Photobomb someone in the middle of a movie! Photobomb someone who’s accepting an award! Photobomb a politician!

This time you will hand in a JPG (therefore, you’re not going to be graded on doing perfect cut-outs; you’ll be graded on how the final picture looks).

Make to find a picture that works with your picture:

  • Don’t make yourself tiny! If I can’t even see whether you did a neat job of cutting out, I will lower your grade. It’s too easy to add in a very tiny picture.
  • Is there room to add you into the picture? A “head shot” of an actor or singer doesn’t have room to add a second person.
  • Same/similar lighting! Be aware of the direction of the light. Is it outdoor or indoor lighting?
  • Same angle! Is the camera looking down or looking up at the subject?

Due Friday! Make sure you hand in work Friday