How Media Impacts You

You are going to write a short story about how Communication Media has impacted your life. Later on you’re going to use this story to create a mini-zine and then use the same story in your podcast.

Students can choose to produce a story on:

  • Social media (instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat)
  • Apps & Websites (youtube, music streaming apps, dating apps, health and wellness apps, google maps)
  • Video games, magazines, television, advertisements, movies, music, books
  • The news – newspapers, broadcast media, and television news

Questions to generate student stories on media:

  • Can you tell me about a time when media (pick a specific media from above list) helped you get involved in your school, church, or neighborhood community or advocate around a social issue you care about?
  • Can you tell me a time when media gave you access to something you might otherwise not have access to?
  • Tell me about a media/technology you depend on to stay in touch with a family or friend?
  • Can you tell me about a time you were addicted to some sort of media/technology and why?
  • Tell me about a media you use to make an income from (websites resell items, babysitting apps, etc)?
  • Was there a time when media/technology negatively impacted you?
  • Has your privacy or personal information been at risk because of technology or something you or someone else posted?
  • How has a type of media left you feeling either more connected to people, more isolated, or both?
  • Tell us about a song, movie, or television show that helped you cope or that had a meaningful impact on your life.
  • Talk about a topic in the news media (tv, broadcast, or newspapers) that relates to you personally, that you have a strong reaction to?
  • Talk about a kind of media (video games, music, television, facebook, snapchat, or another kind) that you feel you spend too much time on, and how that has impacted your life.
  • Do you see yourself pursuing any career in the media (television, films, music, gaming or journalism, for example) and why?
  • How have particular types of advertising or images on the media influenced your life, or how you see yourself? How has it impacted others your age?
  • How has social media or other types of media impacted your school work, friendships, or relationships?