You must regularly fill in current Worklog. You will receive a Marking Period Grade for how thoroughly you fill in your Worklog.

For each class day, indicate what project you were working on and what job(s) you were doing. If you were not working on a video project, you should designate the day as “Research.” Research time can be used searching for short videos you’d like to share with the class, learning how to do a specific skill in one of our Adobe apps, or finding out about certain filmmakers and films.

Out-of-Class hours should be reported in the same way. In the left column, indicate what you were working on and when. In the right hand column provide the total number of hours for that week.

If you have NO Worklog filled in, you will receive an F.

If you have only filled in Out-of-Class Hours and left the individual days blank, you will receive a D.

If your Worklog is thoroughly filled in for each class day, and it clearly communicates what you were working on and what tasks you did, you can receive an A.