Advertising San Francisco


LAYER MASKS: Mr. Machtay will show the class how to use Layer Masks. When you apply a Layer Mask to a layer, whatever is black on the layer mask is visible, whatever is white on the layer mask is invisible (masked out). This is called “Non-Destructive” vs “Destructive” (when you use lasso, you are destroying/removing pixels that can not be returned).

3 DIFFERENT ADS FOR SAN FRANCISCO: You will create three different advertisements encouraging people to visit San Francisco, or to visit certain tourist sites in San Francisco.Each ad will be 400px wide by 600px height. Save as JPGs. Place in a folder called 5lastnamesfads.

Each advertisement will have:

  • Main Picture (or pictures)
  • Logo (the word San Francisco designed in a special typeface/color/layout)
  • Slogan (short phrase that gets across your message)

Make sure each ad uses different colors, different typefaces, different designs).

For San Francisco pictures go to: pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > sfpics. You can also take your own photos this week. If you give Mr. Machtay 8 new photos that you took, that are good (focus, lighting), different from the pictures that are already in the folder, and can be added to the pickup folder, you will get a bump in grade; for 12 or more pictures you will get a double bump.


The class will review the basic principles of an Ad Campaign. To be an Ad Campaign (and not just individual advertisements) your three ads should all use the same logo, same/similar slogan, similar images (same size, same filter or tint, similar type of image).

First, you will review your completed three DIFFERENT SF Ads. Choose one that is the strongest. Teacher will move around room and advise you on which design to choose. It is likely that you’ll be advised to combine elements from different ads into your finished campaign.

You will design three ads that go together in an ad campaign. Each ad will be 400px wide by 600px height. Save as JPGs. Place in a folder called 5lastnamesfads.

See samples here

  • How would you advertise San Francisco?
  • How can you reach consumers who are teenagers living in the city? What will your ad look like? What will it say?
  • What features of the city/parts of the city/things about the city would you feature?
  • How can you make the city seem attractive and appealing?

Your Customer (the people you want the ad to reach): Young San Francisco residents who don’t go out to see the sites of the city, who don’t enjoy how beautiful and special this city is.