Fixing Damaged Photographs

  • Go to pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup folder (server address is smb://
  • There is a folder named pics_to_fix (tinted yellow). Drag that folder to your desktop.
  • Open the picture called girl.psd.
  • Mr. Machtay will demonstrate how to use the Healing Tools to repair damages in this photo.
    • SPOT HEALING TOOL: One-step. This tool merges the colors around a damaged spot.
    • HEALING BRUSH TOOL: Similar to Clone Stamp (Source/Copy)
    • PATCH TOOL: Select (Lasso) damaged area, then drag to repair area.

After you finish work on girl.psd, work on couple.psd. Fix it as best you can. Mr. Machtay will show you how to add color to the picture.

Due Friday… rename the file 2lastnamecouple and save it as a JPG.