Individual Mini-Zines

Each student will make an individual one-page mini-zine. You can create this on computer or you can do it on paper. Mr. Machtay has paper templates for you to follow (how to fold your paper into 8 pages). Or you can download a Photoshop template from machtayh > pickup > 1-pagezineTemplate.psd.

Each zine needs words and images. Some have more words, some have larger images. If you do it on paper, don’t worry about drawing skills — a lot of zines have cartoony drawings. If you do it on computer, remember this will be printed out in black & white.

This should be totally about YOU! No research. You can write about an incident that happened to you. Or you can write about something that’s important to you. It can serious or silly. If you can’t think of anything else to do, you can make 8 pages about Things You Like.

Be creative & have fun.