Implied Action

PLAYING WITH SPACE & TIME (part 1): Each team will make an Implied Action video.

This short video must include:

  • One Implied Action incident where you focus on the action
  • One Implied Action incident where you focus on reactions to the action
  • A scene where two people are in two different places, but you edit it together to make it look like they’re in the same place
  • A Kuleshov Edit Point of View shot: (1) a person looks (2) your choice (3) the person reacts.

IMPLIED ACTION: Implied Action is what you see in a movie when an actor is supposedly hit by a truck or falls off a roof. That actor did not actually get hit by a truck or fall off the roof.* The director planned out a series of shots to make you believe you saw the person getting hit.

* NOTE: We’re not including movies that had professional stuntpeople or CGI effects!

STORYBOARD: You need to create a storyboard so you know what shots you need to get. The storyboard should show each camera shot planned out. You don’t need to be a great artist. Storyboard should show (1) size of character in screen, and (2) screen direction.

CLOSE-UPS: You need to use CLOSE UPS! Get in closer! Yes, CLOSER! You can’t create Implied Action in Medium Shots. And get sound effects. GarageBand has many sound effects. Or you can toss a backpack down a flight of steps and record that to try to emulate the sound of someone falling down steps.

2nd IMPLIED ACTION: The second Implied Action incident in your movie should be done through “Reaction Shots.” For instance, show someone about to fall down a flight of steps. Show someone else witnessing that scene (in horror). Then show the first person laying crumpled at the bottom of the steps.

PLAYING WITH SPACE: Shoot a scene with two people in two different places, but edit it together so it gives the impression of being in the same place (be aware of lighting).

Then a Kuleshov Edit. You will get shots 1 and 3: Shot 1 — a person looks; Shot 3 — the person reacts to what they saw. Now find something interesting to add in as Shot 2. Shot 2 must come from a different location, but look like it edits correctly.

DO NOT PUT ANY STUDENT IN DANGER!!! Nobody should be falling down any steps. The idea is to create the Implied Action without actually doing the real action.