How-To Video

With your new team you will create a How-To Video.

It needs to be instructional and show a step-by-step process. For instance:

  • How to cook something
  • How to build something
  • How to repair something
  • How to do a trick on a skateboard
  • How to put on make-up or create a certain hairstyle
  • How to change a tire on a car or fix a bicycle chain
  • How to sew on a button (better be careful with camera focus on the close-ups if you do something like this)

Video should be 1-1.5 minutes long. Your video will be successful if a person could watch it and actually follow the steps. Could someone actually learn from the video? (This is a BIG challenge and not easy to do!)

Start by writing a script. You could use a voice over or you could use words on the screen explaining the steps (or you could use both). Do NOT use spoken dialogue. Then plan a storyboard. What shots will you need to clearly show the steps in the process?

If you use a Voice Over narration, lay down the audio first and then edit the video to illustrate the words. PLACE AUDIO BEFORE YOU PLACE & EDIT VIDEO!

When you shoot, get multiple angles, multiple screen sizes, cutaways so you have footage to work with when you’re editing.

Export finished video on Tuesday, March 6th.