Worklogs & Grades

By now you know that you need to regularly update Worklogs.

Worklogs should list for each day: What project did you work on and what tasks did you do?

Also, Worklog must list any out-of-class hours (time that you put in outside of regular class period).

A lot of students left the second marking period Worklog blank. Those students received an F for out of class hours, and also an F for not filling out the Worklog. If this is what you did:

Start updating the Worklog as of the week of March 19th. You have between now and April 20th to complete the rest of the Worklog. (Do not go back in time and try to fill in anything earlier than March 19th — Mr. Machtay already reviewed these Worklogs and will not go back and re-review these.) START FRESH AT MARCH 19TH.

For 5th period: If you had any out-of-class hours during the month of March, prior to March 19th, fill out a card with this information and hand it to Mr. Machtay.

For 6th period: You’ve had to fill in Worklogs since last Fall. This is the fifth marking period. If you’re not doing it now, what could your teacher do to get you to do it?