Write About a Popular Movie

For extra credit:

Watch a popular movie — a movie that is a big success. You can go to a movie theatre and see one of the big box office pictures currently in public release. Or you could watch a movie on TV/DVD/online. But if it’s an older movie, make sure it was one that made a lot of money, had a big audience, and was popular at the time it was released.

Then please write 200 words explaining why you think this was/wasn’t a good movie: Good Script? Good Acting? Great Camerawork? And then answer this question: WHY DO YOU THINK THIS MOVIE WAS/IS SUCH A BIG HIT WITH AUDIENCES?

You will need to think about this question. What do you see in the characters or story that people connect to? What is exciting/special/interesting/engaging about this movie? Why did so many people buy tickets to see THIS PARTICULAR MOVIE?

A = 1 hour out-of-class hours

B-C+ = 1/2 hour

C-D = 1/4 hour