Mario Botta PowerPoint

Today in class we will model creating the PowerPoint about your artist.

You have a folder called CART1 that was downloaded from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup last fall. In that folder there is a folder called “mariobotta.” All the pictures and words you need for your PowerPoint are in the mariobotta folder.

Open Microsoft Office > Microsoft PowerPoint. Create a new file. DO NOT ADD ANY DESIGNS OR THEMES!

You will work in this order:

  • Place content on slides
  • Then select & apply appropriate theme
  • Adapt the theme to make it fit your artist
  • Then add animations and slide transitions — but no more than 2 different animations (and avoid the really annoying ones).

First you will add the content to each slide. Look at the handout.

For the first page you will write “Mario Botta” as the headline and “Swiss Architect” as the subhead. You will insert the picture called “baselmuseum.” Do not worry about where the picture is placed at this time.

Insert New Slide. For the headline write “Mario Botta.” Then change the layout of this slide so it has two columns. In the right column insert the picture called “botta.” In the left column insert this content as bullet points:

  • Swiss Architect, born 1943
  • Influenced by Le Corbusier & Louis Kahn: Modern Design
  • But then he rebelled, added ornaments & strong geometric shapes
  • Also designed furniture & accessories with strong shapes
  • SF Museum or Modern Art — first American building

Then insert New Slide again. This time the new slide (slide 3) will already have two columns.


  • Select Themes. Choose a Theme (background design and typefaces) appropriate for Mario Botta.
  • Once Theme is in place, Mr. Machtay will show the class how to personalize the theme. You can add a small image of the artist’s work onto each page.
  • Then go through slides and adjust position of images or text as needed.
  • Go to Animations and apply animations to each set of words and each image in the PowerPoint. Use the same consistent animation for all the text and the same consistent animation for all the images. Do not put animation on timer.
  • Go to Transitions and choose a slide transition. Apply the same transition to all slides.


  • No more than 12 words per bullet point
  • No more than 5 bullet points per slide
  • No more than 40 words per slide

Do you think it’s easier when the teacher asks you to write less? It’s not. You need to cut down the information and cut out extra words so you stay within the limits and communicate WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT.