Redesign Movie Posters

On the last assignment you had to create your own movie starring two performers who hadn’t worked together before, and set either in the past or future.

This time you’re going to create 3 different posters for a movie that already exists.

Hand in 3 JPGs at the end of the week: 400px W x 600px Ht, 72 ppi. Folder called 2lastnameRedesignMovie.

  • You can either make 3 posters for the same movie or make posters for 3 different movies.
  • Do NOT make it look like the current real movie poster.
  • Do NOT use the same photo that is prominent in the current real movie poster.
  • Make your 3 posters DIFFERENT from each other — different designs, different typefaces, different filters/effects.
  • You must include a SLOGAN for each movie poster.