3D Galileo Ads

You will create an AD CAMPAIGN for Galileo Academy. A unified Campaign uses the same typefaces, same filters, same colors, similar layouts and designs. BE CREATIVE.

Each ad should include:

LOGO: Galileo or Galileo Academy or Galileo Academy of Science & Technology should be designed as 3D in Photoshop.

IMAGES: Pictures of Galileo. Combine pictures using cutouts or layer masks. Use filters or layer styles. Show the Photoshop skills you have learned.

SLOGAN: Every ad needs a slogan — a few words that “sell” your product. You can use the same slogan on all three ads in your campaign, or you can use similar/related slogans. You probably don’t want to do the slogan in 3D because you want to make sure it’s easy to read (small or skinny letters in 3D are difficult to read).

Due at the end of Block Day this week.